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About KörberHaus

Welcome to the KörberHaus

The KörberHaus is an open venue and meeting place for all generations and cultures in the heart of Hamburg Bergedorf. It is a place with opportunities for everyone in Bergedorf, Hamburg and the surrounding area to experience, participate and do something for themselves. People meet, talk to each other, stand up for others here. You can learn new things, experience culture and share experiences. You can meet old and new friends. The KörberHaus is a place where people come together, stick together and take what they have experienced together back into society.

The initiative of the Bergedorf district office and the Körber-Stiftung came into being in 2016. Today, the KörberHaus is a joint effort of the nine partner organizations in the building and the people who work there. The KörberHaus was opened on December 5th 2022, the International Day of Engagement.

Joint initiative of the Bergedorf District Office and the Körber Foundation
Square meters in the heart of Bergedorf
Organizations work together in partnership
Official opening

"Wir legen los"

KörberHaus-Zeitung 2019

"Wir engagieren uns"

KörberHaus-Zeitung 2021

A place for coming together

The goal of the partner organizations is to use the KörberHaus and the LichtwarkTheater located there to jointly create an attractive place that draws people and brings them together. The KörberHaus is intended to enable and support the active participation, togetherness and voluntary work of the people of Bergedorf - through events, educational offerings, debates, and spaces and opportunities to put their own ideas into practice. To this end, the partners in the KörberHaus are creating a joint offering for the whole of Bergedorf - which will become even more diverse through the possibility of using the premises by other Bergedorf organizations and actors.

The KörberHaus is a place for people with and without limitations. We deliberately focus on dialog and personal contact. At the KörberHaus, it is a matter of course that all people encounter each other with openness, respect and consideration - and that there is support for the use of the offers in the building.  It is an open place for all - a place of togetherness.

  • Das Mosaik des Hamburger Malers Eduard Bargheer wird von der Wand abgetragen und restauriert.
    Das Mosaik des Hamburger Malers Eduard Bargheer wurde aus dem Lichtwarkhaus aufwendig entfernt und restauriert.
  • Die Zeitkapsel für die Grundsteinlegung und ein Bauhelm.
    Die Zeitkapsel zur Grundsteinlegung im Juli 2020.
  • Grundsteinlegung des KörberHauses auf der Fläche des ehemaligen Lichtwark Hauses.
    Grundsteinlegung am ehemaligen Standort des Lichtwarkhauses im Juli 2020.
  • Das Foyer des KörberHauses im Rohbau.
    Das Atrium im Januar 2021.
  • Die Kupfer-Lamellen werden an der Außenfassade angebracht.
    Die Anbringung der Kupferlamellen an der Fassade.
  • Die Kupferlamellen werden an der Außenfassade mit einem Kran in Position gebracht.
    Die Anbringung der Kupferlamellen an der Fassade.
  • Cornelia Schmidt-Hoffmann und Dr. Lothar Dittmwer unterschreiben den Kooperationsvertrag im Spiegelsaal des Bergedorfer Rathauses.
    Unterzeichnung des Kooperationsvetrages im Dezember 2021 zwischen dem Bezirksamt Bergedorf, vertreten durch die Bezirksamtsleiterin Cornelia Schmidt-Hoffmann und der Körber-Stiftung, vertreten durch Dr. Lothar Dittmer.
  • Der zukünftge Körber-Saal im Bau mit abgedecktem Boden.
    Der zukünftige Körber-Saal im Bau.
  • Im Juni 2022 wurden die Böden gegossen und anschließend mit Parkett bestückt.
  • Das Licht durchflutete Treppenhaus mit Glasdach.
  • Eine Aufnahme der Webcam zeigt das KörberHaus aus der Luft am 22. August um 14 Uhr.
    Der Bau des KörberHauses in den Aufzeichnungen der Sprinkenhof-Webcam am 11. August 2022 um 14 Uhr.
  1. 2017

    Urban planning competitions

  2. Juni 2019

    Ground-breaking ceremony

  3. Juli 2020

    Laying of the foundation stone

  4. Januar 2021

    Roofing ceremony

  5. Dezember 2022

    Official opening

How the KörberHaus came to be

With the KörberHaus, an innovative solution was created for the Lichtwarkhaus, which was in need of renovation, and the Haus im Park for the further development of social trends that often cannot be implemented due to structural and geographical conditions, for example the multifunctional use of rooms and spaces. Due to its importance for society as a whole and as a successful example of neighborhood development, the KörberHaus received support from the Integrated District Development framework program (Bergedorf-Süd development area). The construction of this open meeting place with a theater was possible only thanks to the special cooperation between the Bergedorf district office and the Körber-Stiftung.

The construction phase started in 2017 with urban planning competitions. The Stuttgart-based architectural firm MGF won this for the building, and Treibhaus Landschaftsarchitektur for the outdoor area. Accessibility is an important goal in the design of the building and was taken into account in all planning. Sprinkenhof GmbH is responsible for the construction. The laying of the foundation stone took place in July 2020.

The special feature of the architecture underlines the idea of an open venue for all. The generous glazing provides a view of the interior and, conversely, allows a wide view of the green foyer and the water that surrounds the KörberHaus on three sides. The light-flooded foyer connects all rooms and common areas of the building and offers visitors a quick overview of the approximately 6,000 square meters on three floors.

Video "On the way to KörberHaus: Official Opening at the end of 2022"

The namesakes

Kurt A. Körber (1909-1992) was a successful entrepreneur and committed philanthropist. He felt a special bond with his dream hometown of Bergedorf: it was here that he founded his company and, with the Haus im Park, a special foundation project. The KörberHaus continues to maintain Körber's ties to Bergedorf.

Alfred Lichtwark (1852-1914) shaped equal opportunities in cultural education with his work as director of the Hamburg Kunsthalle. The idea of opening up access to art and culture to everyone was central to this. The name Lichtwark honors the historical legacy and also serves as a reminder of the predecessor building - the Lichtwarkhaus.

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